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Tell us about corona|Sylvie from Bilbao

Sylvie Lafforgue

Who are you?

My name is Sylvie, I live in Bilbao and I am 32 years old. My parents were born here.

What are the measures to fight against the coronavirus in Bilbao?

The authorities have decided to declare a state of emergency, so we have to stay at home. You can only go out to do completely necessary tasks, such as shopping for basic necessities, buying tobacco, going to the bank, walking your dog and going to work, only if the company has provided you with a document proving that you have to go to work.

What happens if you do not comply with these measures?

In the event that the police arrest you on the street, you must demonstrate that you have gone out for one of the reasons mentioned above, otherwise they can charge between 600€ and imprisonment depending on the level of the offense. …

Although these orders are difficult to follow, they are there for the common good and must be accepted.

Do people respect these measures?

The vast majority of people respect them, even if some have been arrested for not respecting them.

Have you taken any special measures?

I haven’t taken any particular measures; I only go out for the bare essentials

I can go to my workplace because I have a document signed by the manager of my company, but currently I am teleworking.

Who do you live with?

I live with a friend in an apartment.

How do you keep in touch with your loved ones?

I talk to my loved ones on the phone: WhatsApp, calls and video calls

How do you spend your time?

I spend time watching TV, the computer, talking, doing housework and unfinished business records.

Are you worried?

I am very concerned about the health and work situation of my loved ones; as well as for the social and economic repercussions, this pandemic will have here.