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First meeting of the Euskal Etxe of France

On the last Friday of the crazy feasts of Bayonne, a day of meeting between Euskal Etxe and Euskal Etxe in the future, was organised around a good meal at the Txunga. Eusko Diaspora was invited to this day and took the opportunity to meet the presidents of the various associations.

The meeting was given at 12 am at the Txunga, Cider House located on the Quay Resplandy, at the exit of Bayonne, a small oasis of peace during these festivities!

More than 45 people found themselves in this beautiful setting, to party around the Euskal Etxe. The participants came from the whole of France. Indeed more than 5 Euskal Etxe were represented, those of Marseille, Bordeaux, Monpellier, Paris and the Association of the Basques of Toulouse awaiting its official “label”.

They were able to exchange on the different animations and activities they put in place, the difficulties encountered, the projects in progress or in the future.

In favour of a delicious cidery menu, proposed by the Txunga-which opened its doors only for us during the holidays-we feasted on cod, cider and “Txulet”, singing and laughing in a very friendly atmosphere!

The various participants would like to perpetuate this meeting and consider a day of meetings of the Euskal Etxe of France-next summer in another Basque capital-with the aim of enlarging and including all the Euskal Etxe of Europe …

Cherry on the cake, at the end of this excellent day, enameled with exchanges and laughter, the presidents of the Euskal Etxe had the honour, to meet the next day, Saturday morning, on the balcony of the city Hall for the revival of King Leon!