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“Tous le même cap” organize a party the 16th march

All the same course it is the project to create within the High school saintJoseph d Hasparren, as he explains it on the site: The way of SaintJacquesofCompostelle is opened with all, but all cannot traverse it. It is of this reflection that was born a new project from the pupils of the high school SaintJoseph d Hasparren. Last October, they gained the special price of the jury of the festival the Adventurers of the sea in Lorient. Accompanied by their teachers Éric Lascombe and Bruno Soudre, the professional sailor Isabelle de Caunes and the photographer of Ascain Patrick Ondicola, they chose a name of project: All the same Cape! The highschool pupils want to open up the sea route towards SaintJacquesofCompostelle for all, and to create a technical and technological toolbox to improve the accessibility of the people in situation of handicap. During this human adventure and interdependent, the young people of the vocational school Saint Joseph d Hasparren envisage to surf of SaintJeanofLuz with SaintJacquesofCompostelle, on board an old rigging rented for the occasion. With each stopover of their travel, they will study the accessibility of the ports to the people with reduced mobility, and will try to find solutions to enable them to set sail in their turn. before the end of their lifting of funds on the Ekosea platform, the young people all of the project the same course work with the organization of one evening which will put their interdependent adventure at the honor, this Saturday, March 16 in the village hall of Jatxou. The event will begin at 9 p.m., with traditional songs of the Primaderan group, then will continue with one dance animated by the highschool pupils up to 2 hours of the morning. A great tombola will also take place, with for reward of the batches offered by the supports of the project (Katxi Klothing, House Adam, Bob S beer). The big winner will gain a one day navigation for two people over the boat of the highschool pupils, historical rigging Arawak, accompanied by the team of All the same course