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Tell us about corona| Rocio Basterra from Viedma, Argentina

Who are you?

I’m Rocio Basterra President and Basque teacher of Euskal Etxea de Viedma, in Argentina in the Patagonia region.


Where do you live?

I live in the city of Viedma, which is the historic capital city of Patagonia. I was born here, my two grandfathers and one of my grandmothers were Navarrese, they emigrated from Nafarroa to Argentina at the beginning of the nineteenth century.


What measures have been taken there to deal with the Covid-19 virus spreading?

In Viedma, in Patagonia, we are in confinement. We are only allowed to move from home to make essential purchases and to go to the pharmacy. There are no cases in our city yet, but the province has 4 Covid-19 positive people and one death.

For our part, since everything is closed, we were forced to close the Euskal etxe.

Is the containment respected?

Most people follow the containment measures and stay at home. By the way, all the government forces here are in the street.

Do you still work? From home?

We continue to work from home, of course, for the Euskal etxe I try to sustain the online classes.


How do you use Basque?

To promote Basque, I meet my students every day via the Zoom application this way I stay in touch with them and they keep learning Euskara!


Who do you live with?

I live alone at home, so I only spend 24 hours alone that is a bit long.


How do you keep in touch with your friends and family?

I keep in touch with family members, especially via WatsApp, via audios and videos.


Tips for quarantine?

I recommend the movie Esperando la Carroza and the book Mapas por una nación to spend some time.